-Lisa W

This is the best family chiropractic center in Stafford! Dr.Sean and Dr. Bob are great! The office staff are wonderful and the massage therapists are amazing!

-Galaxy P

Best chiropractor ever....

-Macaire M

I fell head-first off a horse and seriously twisted my back. Dr. Bob kept the office open an hour past closing on the Saturday of a holiday weekend to see me so I wouldn't have to wait until Tuesday to be treated. He spent quite a bit of time re-aligning my spine, and I'm sure that's the reason I was able to get out of bed and walk the next day with minimal soreness.

-J. H. L

This is a great place!!! The staff and doctors really know what they are doing.

-Rush W

Dr. Stewart is great. His staff is professional, friendly, and courteous. I've had multiple visits with him for pain relief to my neck and lower back with much success. I've also taken advantage of his in-office massage therapy (performed by trained staff). It's great that his office takes Blue Cross FEP insurance which for me makes an Adjustment + Massage cost my copay ($20). Also it only counts as 1 of my 12 insurance covered visits. His location is also perfect for me as it's just outside the back gate of Quantico and on the way to/from work.

-Richard H 

great practice , great doctor , great staff 
I highly recommend

-Azadeh R  

Dr. Stewart is very attentive and caring and spends quality time with all he's clients not to mention The staff here are all very friendly and personable. I always feel amazing after a visit and look forward to coming back to such a great local small business!

-Donna M
The staff and doctor Stewart i can not say enough, he is so caring and understanding..if you need a good doctor for pain in the back go see him the best i been too..thank you doc,feel better♥